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P1010514How to make a knights helmet

  First get a cereal box then cut the bottom of the box

  Next get some tin foil

  Then stick the foil to the box

  Then cut two holes for the eyes




P1010516How to make a table football pitch

First get a cereal box

Then cut in half length ways

Next cut out the goals and put an orange net on it.

How to make the footballers for the pitch

First get 4 skewers

Then make 2 footballers out of card (ask a adult for help)

Colour the footballers in different colours (if youre making a bigger version make two for each team and make a slightly bigger board)


How to make a mini paper knight

First get an A4 piece of paper then turn it horizontally and fold this up (if this doesnt work try I with an A3 piece of paper)

  Then get some tinfoil

  Fold the tinfoil around the bottom half and stick on (remember leave space for the face)

  Draw on the face ,remember you can draw on any face expression

  Now, get some old newspaper and role a small part up to make the arm( you could make a sword, to make the sword role up some tinfoil, then role up a smaller piece of tinfoil for the hand shield)